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Project by Nivetha Kannan & Sarah Kwan.

Animated Kandinsky is an interactive animation project dealing with the relationship between abstract artworks and animation. Using animation and user interactivity, we essentially invite players to destroy Kandinsky's "Descisive Pink" by imposing our own interpretations on it and by allowing users to move certain descisive elements of the game. I lead this project and came up with the overall idea of the game. For this Animation, I animated most of the left-most features in the game from the envelope to the dog adn programmed the game and made it interactive using Javascript and Unity Game Maker.

This project has been written about in various websites. Please read more about the projects in these various articles:

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"Indie Impressions – Animated Kandinsky" by RockLeeSmile // Youtube.com

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorNivetha Kannan
TagsAbstract, artgame, fine-art, kandinsky, museum, wassily-kandinsky